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If You Find The Prospect Of Writing Your Amazon Listing Daunting, Don't Worry - We've Been There And Know Exactly How You Feel, Which Is Why We Created Our Done-For-You Amazon Copywriting Service! Done-For-You Amazon Copywriting Service

We remember when we created our Amazon listing for our very first product, and even though we'd been marketing online for many years, it was hard to know where to start.

This was made even worse because of the limited space that Amazon permits (and they're even stricter now).

As marketers with our own websites, we were used to being able to write as much content as we needed, without any real concern for word counts or character counts.

So having to take all those thousands of keywords as well as explain the benefits of the product and its features, and fit them into a few small boxes, was overwhelming.

If you too feel fazed by this crucial task, then read on...

Having launched many other products since then, we are pleased to offer you the benefit of our hard-won experience via our Amazon Copywriting service, which eliminates the stress of creating your product listing.

"After waiting anxiously for AzonSellerTools to launch their new Done-For-You service, writing an Amazon listing, I was more than ready to sign up!

Especially being a new seller on Amazon I needed all of the expert help I could get, and not only did they write the listing in an easy to read, friendly manner for customers - they researched, found and placed keywords where needed to get the best possible conversion rates, and then provided me with an Amazon approved HTML and character count listing that I could then just copy and paste.

I couldn't be happier with the result, as well as with the communication and willingness to take the time to work with me!

Even after I am an 'experienced' seller I will return to have them write future product listings.

Thank you Rae & Mark!"

Rachel P.

Once you purchase this service, we will need the following information from you in order to hand-craft the best Amazon product listing we can that is also relevant for as many of your target keywords as possible:

Required Information

  • Product Information - i.e. what the product actually is.
  • Amazon Site - i.e. which Amazon site will this product be sold on, so we know what spelling conventions to use. Note that we currently only offer this service for sites where the primary language is English.
  • Amazon Category - we need this to make sure we apply the correct Amazon Style Guidelines (as we won't create listings that knowingly contravene any of their listing policies). Note that we do not create product listings for books (either physical or Kindle) - this service is for physical non-book products only.
  • Brand Name - as this should appear in the Product Name according to Amazon Style Guidelines.
  • Key Benefits - i.e. what will this product do for your customers, and how will this help them.
  • Materials / Ingredients - i.e. a full and complete list of all materials and/or ingredients used in the product(s).
  • Product Features - i.e. any other salient aspects of the product (e.g. size/quantity).
  • Target Audience - i.e. demographic data such as gender, age that will help us choose the correct language and terms to use.
  • Keywords - you can supply up to 500 keywords (and we recommend finding as many keywords as you can). These keywords need to be in priority order (i.e. most important first, least important last), and the top five keywords you are targeting need to be highlighted (so we know which should be inserted into your Product Name/Title). If search volumes are available for these keywords, that helps but it's not necessary provided the keywords are sorted / highlighted as described.

Optional Information

In addition, if you already have some or all of your product images available, then those would be good to have too, but they're not necessary.

And we're happy for you to provide us with any other information that you feel may be relevant that would help us create the best possible product listing for you.

"You guys did a great job. This was my first time using your services and I was very pleased with the results. I'm particularly impressed with the level of methodical approach you used in doing keyword research. Very well done in my opinion. The copywriting was great as well.

Thanks for your great work!"

Michael Q.

What Will We Do With That Information?

Once we receive the above information, we will get to work creating the following elements of your Amazon product listing:

  • Product Name/Title
  • Key Product Features (aka bullet points)
  • Product Description
  • Suggested Search Terms

Note: All of the content we create is hand-crafted especially for you. We never copy, plagiarise, or spin existing content!

We will also convert your Product Description to Amazon-ready HTML, and we will provide this in three versions - Relaxed, Strict, and WTF. (See our Done-For-You Product Description To Amazon-Ready HTML Conversion page for further details about this service, which is included, at the Bronze level, with our Copywriting service.)

If you uploaded any images, we'll let you have our thoughts on how they may be improved.

And finally, we will provide you with the output from our:

  • Keyword Excavator tool, which creates a sorted list of all the unique words from a list of keywords / keyword phrases, and also shows how many times each of those words is used.
  • Keyword Opti-Miser tool, which will show you where your keywords are used, and which ones are not being used anywhere. (When using this unique tool, we will take advantage of our own Admin account, which has a higher limit than our VIP members have.)
  • Double Dipper tool, which will show which longer-tail keywords contain embedded shorter-tail keywords. This is based on the theory that if you get traffic for a long-tail keyword (e.g. blue silicone spatula), you'll also gain a bit of ranking juice for any embedded shorter-tail keywords (e.g. silicone spatula).

What we will not create for you is the content of any of the Important Information sections (e.g. Ingredients, Directions, Legal Disclaimer, Safety Information) or any other boxes that only appear on your Add A Product or Edit Product Info pages within your Amazon Seller Central account.

"I am 110% satisfied! Both of you went above and beyond when putting this listing together. From the in-depth keyword research, to the unique and engaging copy, everything was spot on.

I was also impressed at the level of knowledge that you brought to the table when it came to Amazon in general (I appreciated the comments on how to improve my images and even going back and forth about wording/terminology was great).

Everything was explained thoroughly and in a way that was easy to understand.

What really impressed me was the fact you used your own tools during this process. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is!

I'm very satisfied with the value that was provided -- it truly was a "Done For You" service.This was product #1. I'm researching product #2 and will purchase the Gold service once I'm ready to go!

Thanks again,

Ken F.

First of all, I'm surprised the project queue wasn't a mile long for your service. As a repeat customer and AzonSellerTools member, the service you provide is vastly underutilized by your members and non-members looking to have a top-notch listing written. The price is more than fair for the amount of work that goes into a completed project. I love the Gold Service because it truly is done for you. In addition to the title, description and bullet points, I love the in-depth keyword research, backend search terms and detailed instruction guide you provide. The turnaround time is quick and the writing is excellent.

Anyway, as you can tell, I'm a big fan and will continue to use your DFY service as long as it is offered.

Ken F.

How Long Will This Take?

From receipt of the information you send to us, we expect to respond to you with the initial set of files you'll need within five days of us starting your project, but when we start will depend on how many projects are in the queue at the time as it will be a first in, first out process.

There are currently 2 projects in the queue. so we would be able to start on the next project in approximately 8 days.
Projects In QueueProjects In Queue: 1
Projects Being Worked OnProjects Being Worked On: 1
"I highly recommend this service. If you are anything like me you can spend weeks twisting yourself into knots over writing the copy for your listing. You know it is possibly the most critical aspect of your listing and you don't want to mess it up. And even when you manage to write your listing you can never be sure it's hitting all the right notes with potential buyers. I was really excited when I learnt Azon Seller Tools were now offering their services to write your entire listing.

I submitted my key word research plus a lot of my (poor) attempts that I had made myself so they could get an idea of what I wanted. I could not have been happier with the results. They covered what I wanted to say it but in such an engaging professional manner which I just couldn't have done myself. I think I only requested one small tweak and we were done.

I feel so confident that I have winning copy for my listing and that it is optimised as best it possible can be for all relevant key words. This key word optimisation is priceless. This was another area that as a novice seller I wasn't confident I could do well. Rae and Mark were so helpful throughout the process and took the time to give me detailed responses to the few questions I had. They always replied promptly, were so friendly and delivered more than I was expecting with some great feedback on my photos and packaging design as well. I really appreciated the personalized service.

I think that a lot of sellers like me feel confident in many areas of selling on Amazon but struggle with the copywriting because hey! We're not copy writers and actually we don't want to be. I believe that if you can outsource time consuming jobs that you don't feel confident doing to professionals like Rae and Mark you will have more time to focus on other aspects of your business. I now feel this is the one area that I DON'T have to stress over anymore which is such a relief.

For such a small price it feels like you are getting the services of top quality copywriters who are often way out of our price range. Do yourself a favour, reduce your stress and sign up. I can guarantee you will be so pleased you did. I definitely am and will never write the copy for another listing again!

Kath M.

"Thanks for your great work as usual!"

Kath M.

So How Much Does This Service Cost? Done-For-You Amazon Copywriting Service

We offer two services - Standard and Gold.

The Standard service is priced at $400 per product, and for that, you will receive:

  1. Product Name/Title
  2. Key Product Features
  3. Product Description
  4. Suggested Search Terms
  5. Product Description converted to Amazon-ready HTML (in three versions) - a service that usually costs $15 (for the Bronze level option)
  6. Keyword Opti-Miser output, showing where keywords are used and which ones aren't
  7. Up to five revisions, as required

The Gold service is priced at $500 per product, and for that, you will receive exactly the same as the Standard service - the crucial difference is that we will also do your keyword research for you using a variety of sources to make your product relevant for as many keywords as possible.

All information returned to you will be in grammatically correct English and supplied as plain text files or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, as appropriate - all ready for you to copy and paste directly into your Amazon product listing in your ASC account.

"Thanks very much Rae & Mark for your splendid service, delivered on time with exceptional quality and in such great detail. This shows how experienced you guys are and how in depth you analyze and come up with the top notch quality deliverables. Also, I thank you for sharing your valuable insight which is helping quite a bit for a newbie like me to grease my wheels and chug ahead. Keep up your good work!

Thanks & Regards,"

Andy P.

I'm Interested So What Do I Do Now?

Thank you!

Here's how the process will work in detail:

  1. Select the PayPal or Pay By Card tab below, as appropriate, and then click the  red  button if you want to purchase the  Standard  service, or the  black  button if you would prefer to purchase the  Gold  service:





Note: You do not need a PayPal account to purchase via PayPal as they also accept credit / debit cards.
Service *:
First Name *:
Last Name *:
Email Address *:
Card Number *:
Expiry Date *:
CVC *:
  1. After you've completed the payment process, you'll be returned to our web site.
  2. You'll then be able to enter the necessary information, as described above. You can return to that page at any time to edit the information until you're ready to submit it to us.
  3. We'll let you know once we start working on your project, and again when your product listing information is ready for you to review.
  4. At that point, you'll be able to request up to five revisions, should you want us to make any changes.
  5. When you're happy with the final listing, you should mark your project as "Completed" (although it will auto-complete in ten days), and you can take the details we send you and paste them straight into your ASC account.

If you have any questions about this service, then please feel free to contact us before purchasing.

PS If you're not comfortable writing your own Amazon product listing copy, please don't stress out about it when we can do it for you.

"I used the Done-For-You Amazon Copywriting Service for my first listing as this is not an area I feel I have much skill. I was totally impressed with the results. I used the Gold service because I was also struggling with keywords and how to use them. Not only did I get a great listing but in the process I learned a lot about keywords and using the tools available from Azon Seller Tools.

The copywriting is way above and beyond anything I could have done and presents the product in a great story for the customer. The keyword research was logical and detailed. And the whole process was easy (for me at least) and everything was explained in great detail in the documentation that accompanied the listing elements.

I will definitely use this service again."

Greg M.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know My Product Details Will Remain Private?

As soon as you create your login details for your Amazon Copywriting Service (ACS) project, we will happily send you an NDA to sign if you wish. Once both parties have signed it, a PDF copy will automatically be emailed to you (and to us) for your records. (We use for this.)

How Well Optimized Will My Product Listing Be?

Our target is always to make your product listing relevant for at least 70% of up to 500 keywords, although it's not unusual for us to achieve 90% or even 100% relevance. If we do the keyword research for you (i.e. you purchase our Gold service), we will typically supply more than 500 keywords (depending on the product) and we will aim to be relevant for all of them.

What Guarantee Do You Offer That My Conversion Rate Will Increase?

There is no way we can guarantee any improvements in your conversion rate, and the reason for this is that your conversion rate depends on several other factors apart from your Product Name, Key Product Features and Product Descrition. For example, two of the main elements that can make a big difference are the number, quality and size of your product images, and your product reviews (e.g. how many, what rating). To a lesser degree, your Seller Feedback can also have an effect on your conversion.

What Is The Difference Between The Standard And Gold Services?

The only difference is that, with the Gold service, we will also do your keyword research for you (although you will still need to provide us with the top five keywords you're targeting).

What Is Your Refund Policy?

Once we start work on your project (i.e. you've provided us with all of the information we need and submitted your project to our work queue), we are unable to refund your purchase. Before then, however, no problem.

Will It Cost More If My Product Has Variations?

This will depend on what the variations are, and how many of them there are. If it's just a case of your product having different colours, or a different number of capsules per bottle, then it's unlikely this will require much additional work on our part, so there probably won't be any additional charges. Ditto if there are only a couple of variations.

However, if you have a lot of variations, or the differences between the various Child ASINs are significant (e.g. your product comes in many different fragrances, each of which has unique qualities that will need to be discussed in the product listing), then we reserve the right to charge up to an additional $25 per variation. This will depend entirely on our judgement of how much extra work is involved, and we will inform you of the surcharge before we start work on your project.

"Rae & Mark,

I would like to say a big THANK YOU for you guys since you have made a copywrite service for me my sales from one sale every two days to 5 sales every day consistenly and it worth away more than the money that i pay`d you guys.

Click To EnlargeI attribute the increase in sales to the service I have received since I did not take any action except your copywrite services.

That it really works goods for me.

A huge thank you guys."

Shai S.

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